World’s Longest Flight

Sunset from the plane

Do you know where the longest flight in the world is?

Hello there! This is my first post on this travel blog, so I apologize if it’s not perfect — but hopefully I’ll improve over time. This is my experience from the longest flight in the world.

Today I’ll write a bit about my trip from Copenhagen to Auckland. And holy crap, it’s a long trip. It can be done a bit faster than what I did, since I had two layovers instead of one. First, I went from Copenhagen to Stockholm. From there, I flew to Doha. It’s the flight from Doha to Auckland which is the longest flight in the world.

SAS plane in Copenhagen Airport

Boarding the flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

You can measure it in a few different ways, so other flights might claim that their route is the longest, however I think it’s fair to measure it by distance between the airports. The distance is 14,535 km. It took approx. 16 hours. And that’s in addition to the 8 hours it took to even get to Doha. In total, the travel time was actually around 27 hours.

When we arrived in Auckland, we were met by a very interesting sight. The kiwis (what you call people from New Zealand) are very proud of the Maori culture, which is the indigenous people’s culture. There was a monument and traditional Maori music in the background when we went from the transfer hall to the other part of the airport.

Doha Airport

Doha Airport looks so futuristic. Is this where all the oil money goes?

Jetlag is real

Being up in the air for that long and crossing so many time zones completely messes up your internal clock. The time difference between Denmark and New Zealand is 10 hours at the time of writing (it changes with summer/winter time). That time difference means a giant portion of jetlag.

At the time of writing (two days after landing), I still have some jetlag left. My body was exhausted already at 08:00 pm last night. Then I slept until 07:00 am this morning. If I go to bed at normal hours tonight, maybe the jetlag will be gone tomorrow? I sure hope so!

Maori sculpture

The kiwis are very proud of the unique Maori culture.

Alright, this concludes my first travel blog post. More will be coming soon when I get the time to write. I’ve got a busy schedule at the moment but hopefully I’ll manage to get another post up within a few days. Take care, everyone!

Sunset from the plane

Isn’t a sunset from 11 km altitude beautiful?

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