Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove is Nature at its Best

Driving around the North Island of New Zealand, Cathedral Cove is one of the must see attractions. In short, Cathedral Cove is an area where nature has formed archways, small rocky islands, cliffs, and great beaches.

You can only reach Cathedral Cove by foot. Naturally, that means there are not as many people around as at other attractions, especially in June, July, and August, as these are the winter months in New Zealand. There is a track starting at a car park going past some beautiful viewpoints along the way to the highlight of the area; the cathedral.

Here, wind and weather has created a natural archway where many people have a picnic during summer. However, in the winter almost no one is there. Therefore, Simone and I almost had the area all to ourselves to enjoy the fantastic view. Sadly it was cloudy, but it was still worth every minute. If you are ever going to New Zealand’s North Island, be sure to visit the cove. It’s free, and the track only takes 45 minutes to walk each way.

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